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Ragdoll cats have beautiful blue-eyes. From their laid back personality and quiet voice, to their playful nature and their craving for your companionship.  They thrive on human company.

Ragdolls will fill your life with special warmth. Put everything you could want together in one cat and you have this delightful package called the Ragdoll... We are committed to producing not only the healthiest, and most beautiful kittens, but also the most huggable and well-adjusted well trained kittens possible - ones that are fully litter trained  with the added bonus of being able to use a scratching post.  

Throughout our website, we will endeavour to introduce you to this wonderful cat. We will give you a tour of the cats of our extended family, and for a while you can share a little of what makes up a most meaningful part of our life... nearly all the  photos are taken in our home so we apologise if you spot any thing out of place! Cat hair is a way of life for us!

Our home is also our cats home, they share our home with us, so please be aware that you may get lots of cat hair on you when you visit (tip:- try not to wear black, it really shows the light colour hair!!).  They all love humans so pleased be prepared for one of our raggies (or even more!) to sit upon your knees! That is, if you can find any room to sit on the sofa!!  Can you see the cat sat on the arm - look at the cat next to it, it is in the "raggie position" laid on its back with its legs in the air, Homer usually sleeps like this. 

 Photo taken in 2009

Sofa full of cats
   If you feel you can give a Ragdoll Cat a wonderful home, we have  outstanding kittens, and the occasional beautiful rescue cat,  waiting for you.
 We breed for health, temperament, type, size and beauty... we  DO NOT outcross in our breeding programme (use other breeds).  Nor do we offer you kittens of mixed breeds!!!!!  We only share our home with Ragdoll cats, to ensure no mistakes happen!

 We are proud to be members of the British Ragdoll Breed Club and other well established Cat Clubs throughout the country.

 All Our Kittens are registered with GCCF   and  we follow /abide by their rules and  code of Ethics

  Between my husband and myself we have amassed 90  years experience with cats and Old English Sheepdogs (both exhibiting and judging them).  Having worked for the RSPCA for many years has helped  us understand  the needs of our animals. We also share our home with a naughty Red Chow Chow and  Shih Tzu dog's who have the time of their life being chased and chasing the cats- the cats always get the upper hand with them!

  All kittens bred by us are well socialised- living in the house with us, this way they are well adjusted to all the usual noises etc. They are fully litter trained, also used to using a scratch post (NOT FURNITURE) used to being handled, having lots of cuddles and  happy to be groomed .  Ragdoll Kittens are available a couple of times a year, we only sell to responsible, permanent loving homes. 

 All new owners are asked to sign a contract which ensures the health and well being of their new kitten.  We also require all kittens which are sold as pets to be neutered,  we do enforce this to ensure that the breed is genetically diverse!

 Each kitten's parent has been tested  for the known HCM gene,  which is done to ensure we produce healthy kittens. When kittens leave us they are equiped for the exciting move to their new home - they will come with samples of food,  4 weeks free insurance, two full health checks at our Vets, fully wormed, vaccinated, microchipped for your peace of mind (if you wish) and not forgetting a five generation pedigree.

 Each kitten also comes with its own individual pedigree passport album ( Indeed, our acknowledged information booklet have/ are often copied/plagiarised by other breeders.   Thus you have an  everlasting reminder of your beloved raggie in its youth!

 We offer a "Gold Standard" aftercare - for the life of your kitten/cat, you can turn to us for support and help whenever you need it.  We firmly believe that this is important for the new/novice owner, who may have many questions, need help or support during the cats lifetime.

 Please ensure you see all the relevant certification of the status of the Cats - i.e. confirmation from the GCCF that the cats are champions, that the parents have been tested for HCM !!   

We believe in QUALITY not QUANTITY!!!!!

 One of our Ragdoll Girls with her Kittens you will see that they are relaxed in the home enviroment


Mothers Love