Chocolate and Lilac Ragdolls

Introducing Chocolates and Lilacs


August 2013

We are pleased to be able to say that after spending the last few years DNA testing for the known roque genes. 

The time has now come to test for the chocolate gene and two of our girls have tested as  positive carriers of the chocolate gene.  

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to move forward with breeding the chocolate and  lilac colours - Our boy Rossi also carries the chocolate gene (October 2014), along with our girl AKA Lilo Lil who is a dream come true, she is a lilac!  Hopefully we will be able to increase the number of "true lilacs and chocolates fully traceable traditional ragdolls  in the next few years.

30th July 2018, we are currently awaiting the results of DNA testing for a couple of kittens.. weve got everything crossed! Keep watching this space!