Charting the Growth of a Kitten

This page is done with the new owner in mind. 
You pick a kitten, roll up on the big day to collect the little darling...thats when  you're convinced the Breeder has given you the wrong kitten!!  They change so quickly as you will see below!!
Mum decided to give birth on the kitchen floor rather than in her bed!
kitten being born on kitchen floor
The next photo shows the kitten once mum has cleaned it up
kitten being born on kitchen floor2
Kittens just after birth, you can see that they are born pure white 

After a few days they start to gain some colour/markings - look at their ears and tails
3 day old kittens
The following photos have not been edited so you can see how kittens are developing on a daily basis- i have left the date on 
2 day old kit
4 day old kit
6 day old kitten
8th march kitten 
 Two kittens at 5 weeks - fully aware  of their surroundings and looking for trouble - you can see their colour/patterns are now starting to show through
2 kittens aged 4 weeks


 Hopefully the above photos have helped you look at how the patterns and colours develop
if you need any further help or assistance - please feel free to contact us