Meet the Boys


We have  tested all our  boys for the known HCM gene 
Captain (A.K.A. Homer)
homer 23.8.2010
Since this photo was taken Homer has matured into a wonderful loving gentle giant with a fabulous purrsonality
Captain(A.K.A Homer here at home with us) is a Blue Bi colour, he towers head and shoulders above the other boys!
He has a very unusual pedigree, Homer is  from old English lines.  He is only 6 generations from Raggedy Ann Cats!  
He is loves human food and can be found dipping his head into a box of chocolate fudge, helping himself to the largest pieces of fudge.  He also has been known to run up and steal  a mouthful of cream cake whilst Phill or I are eating!!   He also loves his cuddles! Homer has the same gentle nature as Tilly - he shy's away from confrontations
He commenced his show career in the adult classes with style!  Mr Harrison awarded him his first Challenge Certificate at the tender age of 9 months and 12 days at the Manchester Cat Show, he then went on to win all his side classes!! He took all the fuss in his usual way... without any fuss!  Homer has now retired from the show ring and breeding, he is now enjoying his well deserved retirement!

Homer became a Champion in 3 straight shows at the young age of 10 months 

 GRAND CHAMPION and Premier Grand Champion  
our lovely boy Levi 
- son of Homer 
 Levi  Notts & Derby
(Levi has  gained 9 Challenge Certificates, 7 Grand Champion Certificates  and 3 Imperial Ceritifcates (we are now  able to use the title "Grand Champion" in front of his pedigree name). 
Levi has commenced his show career with a bang!! He attended the British Ragdoll cat Club Show on Saturday 8th January 2011.
He won his open class then was awarded Best of Breed, he also won 2 of his side classes.  He enjoyed all the attention and took it all in his stride with his usual laid back personality.  Thanks to the judge Patsy Knight for thinking so highly of him.
Levi was  awarded Top Bi Colour Adult and overall top audlt  by both The British Ragdoll cat Club and the UKRBS.
We made the decision to neuter Levi ,  he only ever sired 2  litters, he   became a full time "lap cat" within our home. It will be interesting to see if his weight changes also how quickly he gains weigh now he is not thinking about the ladies!!
When Levi was neutered in November 2012 his weight was recorded as 3.7 kilos, in September 2013 he was weighed again at the vets on the same scales - his weight is now over 6.5 kilos!! 
Levi has returned to the show bench as a neuter - he has now gained his Premier Champion title, he recently awarded Top Adult Cat Overall by the British Ragdoll cat Club at their AGM in March 2013!   Levi was due to take a break from the show bench, but he really enjoys all the fuss so we have continued to show him lightly and  in July 2013,  he achieved the title of  Grand Premier Champion!!   Levi is now well on the ladder to achieving the title of Inperial Grand premier Champion, he has 4 of these certificates, he needs one more to add this title to the list of his achievements( November 2014)
 Levi aged 12 weeks
Levi aged 3 years and 1 month  laid in his usual place in front of windown enjoying the winter sun
 Dylan - He is from old english lines with a unique pedigree
Dylan march 2011
He has made his entrance on to the show bench - he won his open class at Preston & Blackpool Show.  Dylan was only lightly shown in the kitten classes, Dylan will shortly be making his appearance in the Adult classes.  Dylan began his adult show career on the 18th June  where he was awarded 1st place and the Challenge certificate !!  Dylan has now gained the title of Champion - on the 27th August 2011, he was also nominated for Best of variety at the Teesside Cat Club Show.  He is a lovely laid back gentle boy who takes everything in his stride. 
 Dylan won his first reserve grand Champion Certificate at the British Ragdoll Cat Club Championship show 7th January 2012, many thanks to the judges for this award.
Dylan took a while to  mature,  he has sired  some lovely kittens for us .His son born in 2015, is standing in the wings to become our new stud boy.  He has a interesting pedigree from lines rarely seen in the U.K  

Rossie December 2014

Rossi  will bring some diversity into our breeding program, he is from fully traceable lines, with the added bonus of being a chocolate carrier.  Rossi is slowly growing into a large chunky boy (just like a fine wine!)

He had his first outing on the show bench at the British Ragdoll Cat Club Championship show in November 2014, he came 3rd in a very large kitten class.  He acheived the status of Champion in only 4 shows! He has only attended a couple of shows this year due to us humans being unwell/having surgery. Rossi retired in December 2018, his son Bert, will shortly be making his debut on the show bench.  





"Jack The Lad"

bertie at 9 weeks jan 15

Jack the Lad is from Old English lines, with a unique pedigree, he was slow to mature but finally in 2017 he has sired his first litter 

Updated photo to follow