Introducing The Ladies.....


We have tested our girls for the HCM known gene 


 A.K.A Twiglet

Tilly 2010


 We think she is a stunner!!  She is a blue bi colour with the most perfect markings. She is a Petil Lu Grand daughter.  She is also a grand daughter of Addeilo Reddi Teddigo.  This little girl is 97%  Blossom Time pedigree and her line can be traced back to the very first ragdoll cat Josephine.  Tilly's pedigree traces to Ragdolls born in 1973 in only five generations.  The sixth generation of Tilly's pedigree shows Raggedy Ann Ragdolls, Petil lu Timothy, Addeilo Reddi Teddigo, Levi and the brother to Blue Lagoon, who all appear in The Definitive Guide to Ragdolls.   Tilly tested Negative for the known HCM  and PKD genes

 Tilly achieved the status of Champion at the age of 12 months.  She became a Grand Champion in 3 straight shows before she was 18 months of age!! . She then enjoyed a long rest from the show bench.  On her return to showing, she achieved the status of Imperial Grand Champion, She enjoys the attention and fuss at shows, therefore we have decided to bring her out of her 'semi retirement' to show her for the foreseeable future, so please come along and say hello to her and us! 


Tilly april 13

 Tilly was Top Female Bi Colour & Top  Opposite Sex Ragdoll 2009/2010/2011 - also Top Female Bi Colour 2010, Top Female Ragdoll 2010  these awards are from the British Ragdoll Cat Club and UKRBS. She was also awarded Top female Ragdoll by the Traditionalist Cat Club for 2010.  Tilly is now enjoying her retirement, laying on any available lap!



Maple feb 2010

Maple is a seal colourpoint and is from traditional lines, she has the sweetest of  natures, she is usually in the midst of any trouble or chaos in our household.   Maple is HCM/PKD Clear - She  took a short break from the show bench in 2012, she  returned to the show bench in March 2013   at which time she achieved the status/title of Champion. Maple is now enjoying her retirement from the show bench



Matilda has been  lightly shown by our Granddaughter, who has learnt to  groom, care, most importantly  how to take responsilbility for her cat by caring for her etc also  attending shows

Matilda attended the Clumberland Show and won her open class, her young carer was delighted with the result and the beautiful Pink rosette Matilda was awarded.

Matilda became a champion in a matter of 4 weeks!  She is a joy to watch - she is so gentle with our granddaughter.  She has matured into a large impressive gentle lady . Sadly Matilda has passed away after a short illness February 2020.  She leaves us with some lovely memories of her attics!

isobel and tilda


Introducing our home bred girl "Chaos"