Introducing Solid Ragdoll Cats

What Are Solid Ragdolls...

If you search the early pedigrees of Ann Baker's cattery, you will see that Josephine was a solid white cat,  and Buckwheat, a solid black cat.  This shows that solids can be traced back to the very first Ragdolls.  Solids are purebred Ragdolls and have the same wonderful, purrsonality as the traditional pointed variety of Ragdoll.

 I understand that there are around 40 breeders worldwide  continuing with the rare old lines of solids. This is an exciting time for the breed within the U.K, I believe that currently I and a couple of other registered GCCF breeders  are the only breeders who have  these pure bred purr machines!  We shall be working to bring the Solid to the publics attention very soon.
Solid Ragdolls are born with full colour, unlike the traditional pointed Ragdoll.  Solid Ragdolls can give birth to solids, as well as traditional pointed kittens.  Solid Ragdolls bred to a traditional Ragdoll will produce 75% solid kittens and 25% traditional kittens.  Solid Ragdolls have gold or green eye colour. Solid Ragdolls come in all the traditional colours including Black, Smoke or Silver as well as all the traditional patterns  they also come in the three patterns Mitted, Bi Colour and Pointed.
Image 3
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We understand that Solid Ragdolls are not for everyone, but if you are interested in a variety that is rarely seen, or are only interested in the kitten’s excellent temperament and loving nature, or love the idea of a Ragdoll in solid colour combinations please contact us for details on our lovely kittens. 
Our Beautiful Solid Ragdoll - Patsy
She is a large chunky girl with a fabulous purrsonality!!
She is one of nine solid ragdolls in the United Kingdom
The following photo is of  Patsy- she is laid on her favourite item - Phills crocs!
Photo taken on 2nd April 2013, she is now retired , enjoying her role as grandma to her daughters offspring.  Sadly Patsy became very unwell August 2018, she passed away peacefully in my arms.
patsy april13
The photo below shows  a Blue High Mitted, Blue Colour Point and a Black Smoke colour point solid ragdoll kittens
solids 23.8.2010
blue and colourpoint solids
This is the 2 same "kittens" August 2012- looking stunning!
toddi and purdy aug12