Show News

Due to ongoing  personal health issues, we have not attended any shows this year, however we are hopeful to be back on the show bench very soon with some of our lovely raggies!
Levi 23rd August  2014
at Teeside show
Many thanks to the judges who thought him worthy of his class wins today, especially to Sally Token for awarding him the Imperial Grand Premier award
Levi 26 July 2014
He had a fabulous day at the Lincolnshire/Humberside show, winning a large class of top class cats from other breeds to be awarded the Imperial Grand Premier Certificate.
He was also awarded Best of Breed at both shows.
Levi June 2014
Levi was awarded the Imperial Grand Premier Certificate at the Lakeland Show by judge Elaine Culf 
Maggie October 2013 
Our latest "home grown" addition Maggie has had a fabulous start to her show career- she was entered in 6 classes she won 5 of those classes and then went on to win Best Semi Long Haired Kitten, many thanks to all the judges who thought her worthy of these wins at the Yorkshire Cat Show 25th October 2013
 Tumblerag Ophelia at Yorkshire
Tumblerag So Miss Understood- affectionately known as Missy at home with her owner Alan as exceeded everyones expectations- she has attended 5 shows todate, achieving 5 Best In Show Kittens- what a fabulous start to her show career!! (October 2013)
Well Done to Tumblerag Topntail- on winning at both Lincoln and Humberside show her Grand Challenge Certificates!
Levi became a Grand Premier Champion at the Gynwdd Show 20th July- Many thanks to Mr Harrison for the fantastic show report 
Levi became a Premier Champion in 3 straight shows, he is now on the road to becoming a Premier Grand Champion (June 2013).
Matilda became a Champion at the Durham show May 2013!
We are proud to announce Tilly has now achieved the status of Imperial Grand Champion - many thanks to the judge Mrs B Prowse
Tumblerag Twirl became a Grand Champion at the Clumberland Show
Well done to her and her lovely owner Anne
Well done to Tumblerag TopNTails (and her owners)
on winning her 3rd Challenge Certificate at Yorkshire Show 
25th August 2012 at Teeside Show 
Levi after winning the Imperial Class at Notts and Derby Show
Levi  Notts & Derby
*******Levi and Madison Go Best In Show at the
British Ragdoll Cat Show
7th January 2012!!!!!*********
Levi BIS TBRCC 2012
What we have achieved 
Best Adult Bi Colour Seal Neuter
Best Adult Bi Colour 2013
Best Adult Overall 2013
all the above awards were won by Levi at the TBRCC AGM 2013
Best Adult Blue Bi Colour Female- Tilly
Best Adult Seal Bi Colour- Levi
Best Colourpoint Female - Twirl
Best Overall Colourpoint- Twirl
The above awards were given to us at the TBRCC AGM 2012
We were  awarded the following awards at the UKRBS AGM 17th April 2011
Best Bi Colour ADULT Overall - Tilly
Best Bi Colour Male -Homer
Best Overall Mitted Adult - Purdy
Best Bi Colour Kitten - Levi
Tilly was awarded Top Blue Bi Colour Adult at
the Traditionalist Ragdoll Cat Society AGM Oct 2011!
We won the following awards at 
The British Ragdoll Cat Club for 2010
Best Seal Bi Colour Kitten - Levi
Best Colour Point Kitten - Twirl (Owned and Loved by Ann Kincart)
Best Colourpoint Adult Opposite Sex - Maple
Best Seal Colourpoint Adult Female - Maple
Best Mitted Adult - Purdy 
Best Seal Mitted Adult Female -Purdy
Best Seal mitted - Purdy
Best Overall Female - Tilly
Top Female Ragdoll - Tilly
Best overall Female - Tilly
Best overall Bi-colour  Opposite Sex - Tilly
Best Bi-Colour Ault Opposite Sex - Tilly
Best Blue Bi colour - Tilly
We won the following awards at 
The British Ragdoll Cat Club for 2009
 Showman of the Year 
Topsy won Best Red Series Kitten 
Minnie won Best Overall Kitten Opposite Sex
Best Tabby Kitten
Tilly won the following awards
Best Blue Bi Colour Kitten
Best Overall Bi Colour Opposite Sex
Best Bi Colour Adult Opposite Sex
Best Blue Bi Colour Adult Opposite Sex
& Finally
awards for 2009
61 Challenge Certificates
16 Grand Champion Challenge Certificates
6 Imperial Grand Champion Certificate
14 Reserve Grand Champion certifcates
85 Best of Breeds 
Best In Show's
Best of Varieties (semi long haired)
We at  Tumblerags are proud of our  cats  winning ways