Trendipuss Ragdoll Cats


The prefix "Trendipuss" was first registered with the GCCF in the early 1990"s and is known the world over for its long association with the Ragdoll cat breed within the United Kingdom.   The owner of the prefix Jackie Cook helped write the standard of points for the Ragdoll cat breed when it was first accepted by the GCCF back in the early 1990's.  She was also probably one of the longest serving member's of the BAC.  Jackie's knowledge of the Ragdoll cat is second to none. 


Some of the cats within the Trendipuss cattery come from unique lines and their pedigrees wont be found anywhere else in the world.  Jackie has carefully bred and maintained both the Traditional and "Old English Lines".  Some of the Traditional and Old English Ragdoll cats that Jackie has bred over the years have gone overseas,  no English lines have ever been sold in the United Kingdom for breeding, thus maintaining the exclusiveness of her Ragdoll Cats in the country. Jackie has maintained a "closed" cattery over the last few years, however she  decided to gift these lines to us to increase the diversity within our gene pool.  I understand that Jackie ceased breeding in 2012/13. 

We wish to extend our thanks to Jackie for entrusting these Ragdolls cats to us. These cats will ensure diversity in the ragdoll gene pool