Picture Gallery

Ernie wth his lovely owners son 
Florrie who lives with Pippa & John 
Image 2
Maximus posing with his new collar- thank you Janet for the photo
Image 3
Simba In Portugal
Marilyns simba
SImba's companion 
Marilyns boy
The lovely Pumpkin telling the world how beautiful she is!
Maggie at Preston and Blackpool Show 22nd March 2014
Maggie before the show 22314
Cupcake loved and owned by Katerina
Another one of Cupcake playing
Rodney and Arthur AKA Blaze and Lennon - who live in the Cayman Islands with Joe and Peggy
Rodney & Arthur
This photo was taken shortly after the boys arrived - they endured a 17 hour flight - they are so NOT stressed!
boys in GC on arrival
Ben and his new owner Hannah - this photo was taken shortly after Ben arrived in his new home in KL Malaysia
Ben & Hannah KL 2014
Mr Ted and his companion Pixie
Mr Ted and Pixie
 The photo below was taken one hour after the kitten arrived in its new home! It really looks destressed NOT!
The Bower Children with Mr Mimosa and Miss Tilly
MR Mimosa & Tilly
Sam sent us this photo of her lovely raggie laid with her best friend the old english sheepdog
Kiss and Joey
 Matilda - she lives with Judith and her lovely family in Leeds

matilda - js

Orlando in his new home and with his companion Archie the Pom!
Poppet relaxing on the Sofa with the TV remote in her paws
Poppet relaxing
A recent Litter - calm before the storm!
We kept 1 of the above litter( bottom left) - Levi  
Levi and Lotti
All the following photos are of kittens we have bred, which the owners have kindly agreed to share with everyone- we hope you like them
 Theo who made a new friend within hours of moving into his new home - Percival the Guinea Pig
Theo and Percy
Theo looking so innocent!!
Theo dec 12
This is Phoebe - this photo was taken 24 hours after she left us - she has settled in very quickly
Merlin - he is either determined to ignore the feather or not impressed with it being dangled in his face!
The Lovely Lenny thanks to Eva for the photo
Beau enjoying a break from skateboarding- a blue colourpoint
Beau skatboarding
Beau and Kizzy together- kizzy is a blue  tabby colourpoint
Kizzy and Beau
This is Mollie enjoying her creature comforts-sleeping in her owners bed!!
she is a blue bi colour
mollie sleeping
Magic loved and owned by the Blunt Family
he is a blue colour point
This is the latest photo of Magic sent to me April 2014, he is looking so handsome!
Magic april 14
Dazzle - photo kindly sent in by his lovely family, Khal, Marie and Khalisha
 he has a wonderful typical Raggie temperament!!- How many cats do you know that would stay in the bath!!
Dazzle at bathtime
Here is dazzle waiting for his young owner to take him for a walk
dazzle in the pushchair
Teddy is being used as a pillow by his companion Bonnie the Cavelier
Ted and Bonny
The lovely Floyd with his doggie friend - thanks Sandra for the photo he is a seal mitted
Floyd and Friend
This Teddy who belongs to Andy H he is a cream bi colour, he is now living in Australia with his owners
Grace - who didnt know about the new addition to the family until after Christmas
Grace with Bella
Thanks to Kim, Georgina and Charlotte for this lovely photo of their new boy who joined the family on 30th December 2011
he is looking very relaxed already!!
Miu Miu
Monroe and Slyvester taking a nap
Monroe and Slyvester
After a night on the tiles - thanks Debbie for the photo
a night out
BART with his best friend 
Bart & Co jan 12
Jenny and Harlea
jenny and Harlea
Toby enjoying his comfy chair
Toby _J & K
 Thanks to Steve for the following photos of Jester (blue) and Prince (seal)
The photos below are of Oakley, he is owned by John and Monica but goes to visit  their daughter Rachel, like all Ragdolls this little man takes it all in his stride, thanks Rachel for allowing me to post the photos
Oakley and r 2
Oakley and Delphie

Oakley and Delphi

The lovely Sonny who lives with Susan
Sonny april 14 
Merlin meeting Robb for the first time
Merlin mets Robb
If you are owned by one of our raggie - please send us regular photos which we will post to the website (with your permission)