Show News

8th August 2009
Tilly and little Minnie were both shown at Chester Show.  This was Minnie's first show and she took it in her stride, winning her kitten classes and Best of Breed.  Tilly had a lovely day winning her first Challenge Certificate, which was awarded by Mr Stan Leppard - Many thanks for the lovely complimentary remarks you made about her!  

20th June 2009
Lakeside Cat Club
Max and Tilly were both shown in the Ragdoll open classes, they were both  beaten into second place, by two lovely Raggies.  Well done to them and their lovely owner(s)!  Both Max and Tilly had a good day in their side classes.
6th June 2009
Meseyside Cat Show
We had a brillant day and our warmest thanks to the Judges, we entered 2 cats - Max and Tilly, both won their Open Class and both were awarded Best of Breed.  Max was also awarded his 2nd Challlenge Cerificate
2nd May 2009
Manchester Cat Show
Tilly finally made her debut into the show ring, she enjoyed all the fuss and kept us entertained with her antics! She won her open class and was also awarded Best Of Breed, our thanks go to the Judge Barbara Prowse for making this a lovely day. This is the judges report on Tilly (a.k.a Twiglet)
Blue and White Bi Colour Ragdoll of good shape and size with a lovely sweet expression and a real character as she would not let us shut her pen and just wanted to play.  Body is a good length and she stands on legs that are medium in length on large round tufted paws. Head is broad and she has a good flat plane. Ears are medium in size and slightly tilted forward. Large medium blue eyes which are set slightly oblique. Medium length nose with a gentle dip and retrousse tip. Level bite. Full cheeks with a nicely rounded muzzle. Points colour is bluish grey. Her back is bluish grey and she has a patch of white within it.  She has a wide symmetrical inverted V on her face which starts on her forehead and extends downwards covering her nose, whisker pads and chin. Bib chest and underparts are white and she has a white collar. Her front legs are white and she has white up to the level of the underbody on her back legs. She is within the standard and is not more than one third white. Coat is well prepared, silky in texture and medium in length. Long and bushy tail.

11th April 2009 Lincoln Cat Show
Bella got her 3rd Challenge Certificate, also gaining Best of Breed and to top the day off she also won 3 of her side classes!  Our sincere thanks go to Mrs A Gregory for making this  a truely wonderful day for us at Tumblerag.  Max also did us proud-he gained a 2nd place in his Open Class next to a handsome young male called Zemo, followed by 3 first places in his side classes!
28th March 2009 Preston & Blackpool Cat Show
Max won his first CC and was also awarded Best of breed, beating some very handsome cats for the award, our  thanks to Elaine Culf for making this a special day we will will always remember
14th March 2009 Lancashire Cat Club Show
Bella did us proud achieving her 2nd CC, our thanks go to Mr Gillson!  Max did extremely well he came 2nd in his very first Open Class, he was up against some beautiful cats. 
28th February 2009 Coventry & Leicester Cat Show
Topsy did herself proud at her first show coming 2nd in her open class.  She came 1st in the PBRCC class beating a Champion, the judge said she would have been happy to take Topsy home  with her!!


Nottingham & District Championship Show
24th January 2009

Bella continued her winning ways yet again!!! We would like to thank all the judges who awarded her prizes and a special thank you to Mrs P Wilding for awarding Bella her first Challenge Certificate!!!
The British Ragdoll Cat Club
10th January 2009
Bella continued her winning ways with1 x First Place 2 x Second Place and 2 x Third Placein some very large classes with females who were considerably older than her (she is just out of kitten classes)Photo to follow soon 
North Of England LH & SLH Cat Show
15th November 2008
Bella after North Of England
Bella did us proud - She won her two open clases and was given Best Of Breed, she also achieved second place next to a UK Imperial Grand Champion!!
Bella also won her classes at the Yorkshire  County Championship Show
She won 2 first prizes 2 second prizes and was also awarded Best Of Breed and considered for Best In Variety
Bella BOB at Yorkshire
Bella had a good day at the Progressive Ragdoll Championship Show
Winning 2 first prizes 2 second prizes and Best Of Breed
These are the Judges critques from this show 
I’m not sure whether this young lady’s name was chosen because she is a live wire but she certainly enjoys her playtime Very attractive young kitten showing lots of promise very nice head shape developing medium length nose with gentle dip and a hint of retrouse tip. A rounded contour to cheek’s and muzzle is still developing, firm bite and level chin.
Large well opened blue eyes set slightly obliquely good body length, weight well proportioned and well grown, tail length just reaches the shoulders to balance well, , Attractive blue bi colour markings, white symmetrically V marking on the forehead white bib chest and under body, snowy white legs, white bib silky soft kitten coat cat is predominately bluish white, a gem to handle so relaxed and friendly and showing herself perfectly Elaine Culf PBRCC
A Cuddly girl with a very pale coat and tiny inverted v on her face mask.  She had the best gentle dip and retrousse nose of all my exhibits.  When you see a good one, it stands out.  Profuse silky coat, very well groomed, lovely colour, bluish-white over the back, with one white diamond.  Points soft greyish-blue, very promising and Best of Breed Winner - Miss Patsy Knight   PBRCC
Poppy had her first outing at the Yorkshire  County Championship Show
 she achieved 2 first prizes, she really enjoyed herself -she was either playing up to the crowds or sleeping!
Poppy at Yorkshire show
  If you see us at shows and would like some photos taken of your raggies (especially to commorate their wins, Mr P is happy to oblige at no cost (he enjoys photography)